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Design, Installation & Diagnostics

We Are Authorised Rako Technicians

At KEW HOME we offer our clients a bespoke Rako Lighting Solution. We offer whole home installations, or we can retrofit rako into your existing lighting – which means no redecorating!

Why Choose Rako For Home Automation?

Rako systems not only come in a variety of designs that are certain to fit in with the design of your home, but they are also relatively inexpensive and require little maintenance.

They also promise a fantastic user experience, and they rarely falter or have any operational difficulties. There are also many options and modules available which cover a multitude of eventualities, and with so many accessories and models offered, it is no wonder they are the market leader in home automation.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Rako Wireless System?

  • No switch wires necessary, and so it can be easily installed amid your traditional system
  • Control panels are inexpensive
  • Because no wiring is necessary, further control panels can be easily fitted at later date.

Lighting Design & Programming

The beauty of a Rako system is that you have full control over not only the way your system is designed and what elements are automated but also the way the system is controlled.

For example, we can set blinds to go up and down at any time of the day, lights come on from dusk to dawn and more. Programming is extremely flexible and can be used in conjunction with smartphones, tablets and wall panels.

We always take time to meet with our clients for as long as it takes to design the system they require and ensure it meets their exact requirements. This includes an overview of everything from lighting to home controls and more.

Diagnostics & Repair

We well as system installation, our expert team can carry out a full diagnostic and repair service if your Rako system is not functioning as it should.

As an authorised Rako supplier, we can supply replacement parts if that is required following an initial diagnostic visit.

From replacing cabling to reprogramming and replacing any malfunctioning equipment, our leading team of engineers can assist.

Please call us on 0203 856 9088 and we will arrange for an engineer to visit at your convenience.


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