Lutron Specialist Technicians
Design, Installation & Diagnostics

We Are Authorised Lutron Technicians

At KEW HOME, we have extensive knowledge of the entire Lutron range from shading and window treatment solutions, including retrofit and wireless solutions, roller, venetian and roman blinds and drapery solutions.

Why Lutron Through Kew Home?

We have designed, specified, programmed and installed Lutron systems for over 10 years on a wide range of private residential and commercial projects throughout the UK and worldwide, with projects ranging from a single room to integrated solutions for large multi-occupancy developments.

KEW HOME are experts in integrating Lutron solutions, using our in-house programming team we can create unique bespoke solutions that allow for complete control of your home, office or hotel room integrating the control of lighting, blinds, curtains, entertainment and security.

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Lutron Lighting Control For New Build Properties

Lutron’s smart lighting solutions are ideal for new property developments, and can be either hardwired directly into the building itself, or controlled by radio frequency for a completely wireless approach to luxury lighting.

Energy Saving Solutions For Your Home

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to cut the costs of your energy bills and reduce your home’s impact on the environment, or a property developer in need of a compelling USP to ensure a fast, profitable sale, Lutron Smart Lighting is just the thing.

With a range of dimmers, switches, whole property solutions, and single room lighting control systems, property owners can enjoy as much as 40% off their energy bills, simply by dimming the lights. As a result, lightbulbs can also last over 20 times longer than they would if used at full intensity.

Home Lighting Automation For Renovations

Perfect for refurbishment projects on existing commercial and residential properties, Lutron’s wireless lighting solutions are effective in eliminating the time, cost, and complications of installing new wiring systems.

Meanwhile, all of our Lutron lighting systems can be seamlessly integrated with leading home automation systems from Crestron and Control4.

Diagnostics & Repair

We well as system installation, our expert team can carry out a full diagnostic and repair service if your Lutron system is not functioning as it should.

As an authorised Lutron supplier, we can supply replacement parts if that is required following an initial diagnostic visit.

From replacing cabling to reprogramming and replacing any malfunctioning equipment, our leading team of engineers can assist.

Please call us on 020 3870 9003 and we will arrange for an engineer to visit at your convenience.


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