Domestic & Commercial Electrical Rewires

Domestic & Commercial Electrical Rewires

Our experienced and NICEIC certified team can carry out full and partial rewires and electrical installations of both domestic and commercial properties

What Is An Electrical Rewire?

There are a number of different scenarios where an electrical rewire may need to be carried out. Generally, it is required when the current wiring system needs updating, at least in part, to meet modern standards, including replacing the fuse box with a modern consumer unit.

One sign that a rewire is necessary is things such as dated rubber, fabric, or lead-insulated cabling. When carrying out an electrical rewire, our team will replace some or all of the electrical wiring along with any relevant accessories such as lights, switches, sockets, and the fuse board.

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How Often Should An Electrical Rewire Be Done?

Whilst there is no specific answer to this, we recommend having an inspection of all electrical installations before considering a full rewire and we have included some points to look out for below:

  • On average, electrical rewires are carried out every 25 years
  • If you have a specific problem with your electrical system, you may only require a partial as opposed to full rewire
  • Look out for out-of-date and old wiring. One common type is rubber insulated wiring which has not been used in the UK since the 1960s
  • Do you have lots of surface-mounted plugs all linked together? We see this DIY approach quite regularly and it can generally be dangerous
  • Look out for recurring problems that may show a fault. For example, keep an eye out for constantly tripping RCD's and blowing fuses
  • If you have had an unsatisfactory electrical installation test (EICR) that says a rewire is required, then it's time to get in touch

How Long Does A Rewire Take?

A general guideline is that a full rewire of an occupied three-bedroom property will take 7-10 days. However, if the property is not occupied it could be completed much quicker. As all jobs are different, we will provide you with an exact timescale along with your quote.

What Is Included In A Rewire?

Depending on whether a full or partial rewire is required, your rewire could include a consumer unit, light fittings, sockets and all of the relevant cabling. We always take care to provide exactly what you want and design the project around your specifications.

Completion And Testing

After rewiring works are complete, we will fully test and inspect your installation to make sure that it meets all of the parameters from the 17th Edition IET Wiring Regulations. Once final payment has been received, you will be issued with a certificate for the works.


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