Could Smart Home Technology Increase the Value of my Home?

When we think about improving the value of our home, we usually consider renovating, extending and refurbishing. But have you considered that smart technology may add value to your home? The convenience and efficiency of smart tech is a real boost for potential buyers; read on for more information.

Energy efficiency is attractive to buyers; after all, who doesn’t want to save money on their bills? If you have storage heaters, upgrading to their smart counterparts is a good move. Storage heating has a bad name, but modern smart versions are both cheaper to run and good for the environment; they are not only lower carbon but also charge at night when the grid is more likely to be powered by renewable energy.

Home security is another smart move for sellers — a smart home security system which includes elements such as a smart doorbell, locks, cameras and motion sensors is the addition most likely to add a premium to the asking price.

Smart LED lights not only save money — cutting up to 75% off lighting bills — but also add an element of convenience for the new owner. With just one or two words or the tap of a button, a home’s ambience can completely change, and lights can also be tied in with an existing security system to give the appearance of being at home. Buyers will love both the convenience and the security of this addition. 

Damp and its devastating effects is dreaded by all home buyers. Put their mind at ease by informing them you have installed smart sensors that will immediately alert them of high humidity or leaks that need attention. 

Solar panels are pretty par for the course these days, although they’ve just got smarter. The right set-up can easily add a few thousand pounds to the value of your home, and can be connected to a smart device, enabling the user to maximise the efficiency of the panels.

Just another reason why getting smart is always the smart move! 

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