How to Revamp Your Bedroom on a Budget

Your bedroom is a unique space; perhaps the only room you can truly put your stamp on without having to consider too many practicalities. With a small budget and a little thought, you can turn your bedroom into a place that not only reflects your style, but is also a beautiful and functional room. Read on for some design-on-a-budget tips!

Firstly, a freebie — have a think about the layout of your bedroom and how it can be moved around to serve you better. Perhaps you want your bed at a different angle to adjust the shape of the room? Even shifting wardrobes can open up hidden space, refreshing a tired room. And while you’re at it, be ruthless; getting rid of extraneous pieces of furniture will give you more floor space and make the room feel larger. 

Changing the soft furnishings in your room can alter the feel completely. Are you still using the living room cast-off curtains? If so, it’s time to change them. Your space is important, yet bedrooms are usually the last on the list to get the design treatment. A new duvet cover set and throw cushions in a different colour to your existing set is a very effective small change (and don’t be afraid to go bold).

It may seem obvious, but painting the walls a different colour is a cheap and easy way to give your space a new look. Consider colours that will complement your choice of bedding and soft furnishings, while also adding a tranquil feel. Pale greens and blues are calming colours and work well in a bedroom. And while you’ve got the paintbrushes out, why not give your bedroom furniture a new lease of life with a lick of paint? 

Hanging some pictures on the wall can really help to stamp your style on your bedroom. Opt for images or paintings that reflect your personality and passions, hanging them or leaning them on shelves to create an inexpensive display.

And if you need any help at any step of the way, don’t be afraid to call in an expert!

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