Light Up Your Garden

Clever lighting shouldn’t just be a consideration for inside your home — it can also be used to create a beautiful space outside. With winter almost over, we will all be spending a lot more time in our gardens and outside spaces, so now is a good time to think about your garden lighting options for spring and beyond. 

Garden lighting works hard, offering more than just a practical solution; it can be used to create zones, and to add atmosphere, beauty and warmth. Think creatively — you can use jars, watering cans and bottles to hold fairy lights or candles, or to create cascading light effects, adding both character and your own personal style.

If you want a contemporary look, opt for blue-toned hues which add a modern edge. Warmer whites are more classic, and red, orange and yellow tones will create a sense of warmth and a cosy atmosphere. A mix and match of colours can add a fun edge, but try to keep the lights soft to avoid the 1980’s disco look (unless that’s the mood you’re aiming for!).

It’s worth considering that lighting should also look great when not in use, and you can achieve this by choosing lighting that fits in with your current garden aesthetic. Fire tables and bowls make beautiful centrepieces, and check out local garden centres or online for lighting orbs, which look wonderful when combined with other garden ornaments. 

You can make your garden smart by adding a little tech to your outside space — you can set your lights to turn on at sunset or when you return home, setting scenes for different events, such as cosy evenings outside or to kick-start a party. Smart string lights are both functional and pretty, and you can get smart lights designed to light up your decking or patio. And don’t overlook lighting’s function as security devices; by adding motion detecting lights you can deter intruders, while getting creative. With garden lighting to suit all budgets, let’s create a beautiful, safe and cosy outside haven.

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