Home Energy-saving Tips

Energy bills are often the most dreaded of all, and if you don’t keep tabs on your consumption they can come with some very unpleasant surprises. Here is some advice and some recommendations on ways to save money and avoid the shock of an unexpectedly high bill.

Turn it off

Turning devices off when they aren’t in use is a simple way to save money. If you’re likely to forget, invest in smart plugs, which can be set to turn off at a particular time each day. Turn off lights when you leave the room, and don’t leave electrical items on standby.


Making sure your home is adequately insulated will save money on heating bills. Insulation isn’t just in the form of cavity wall and loft insulation; it can also mean replacing lightweight curtains with thermal alternatives, getting covers for letterboxes and keyholes, and investing in an insulation jacket for your boiler. While you’re at it, add draught excluders to windows and doors to avoid those sneaky draughts forcing you to turn up the heating.

Cook smart

Batch-cooking meals will save energy as well as time – heating up the oven once, rather than several times, is an easy way to save on your energy bills. And don’t open the oven while you are cooking; the heat that escapes is money out of your pocket. 

Power down your shower

Everyone knows it’s more energy efficient to take a shower instead of a bath, but did you know that your power shower could be money down the drain, with a power shower sometimes using more energy than a bath? Turn down the power and watch your bills decrease.

Spin some savings

Your laundry load could be fine-tuned to save you money. Always opt for half-load, if available; some machines even have sensors to make sure they use just the right amount of water for your load. Choose the lowest temperature possible – 30 degrees is adequate for most washes, and if you’re buying a new machine, check the energy efficiency rating for long-term savings.

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