How to Start Smart

Smart technology can be daunting; there are many different types of gateway, driver and smart devices, and it can be hard to know where to start. Even when you do manage to dip your toes into that smart pool, it’s not always easy to add to an existing set-up without getting into a muddle. Where to start and how to expand is a headache for many people, so read on for some tips.

It can be tempting to start with a singular bulb; after all, it’s the simplest of all the tech, and how hard can it be to just switch it on and off? You’re right, a smart bulb – or a set of smart bulbs – is a good, solid start to make, but even these can be fraught with trickiness, mostly due to the technology required to send the notifications from your router to your smart device. If you are planning to set up your smart home yourself, a key point is to make sure that all the appliances you want to run will work via the same gateway, avoiding having to splash out on several gateway devices, which will all take up a port on your router and pennies out of your pocket. It can quickly become confusing using several gateways as each comes with its own app, able to set-up its own automations and integrations.

Our advice is to consider how big or small you want your smart home to be. If you simply want a few lights to switch on and off via the same gateway, it can be easy to set up yourself. However, if you will be using several brands of smart device, different gateways, or you have dreams of complex zones, routines and automations, it’s definitely smart to ask an expert to give you some guidance and direction.

Sometimes the smartest thing to do is to ask a smart expert for advice.

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