How bathrooms just got a whole lot smarter

You may not consider your bathroom as a space in which you can be particularly inventive with smart technology; after all, it’s just a place to us the toilet and take a bath or shower, right? But what if those everyday experiences could become something a little more special? Read on to find out how to get smart with your bathroom routine. 

Firstly, smart technology is a great way of future-proofing your home. Gone are the days when a padded toilet seat was the height of bathroom luxury; these days a shower that knows what temperature you like it to be set at is the way to put the ‘oo’ into bathroom. 

A smart tap sounds like a great place to start – this is a gadget that knows you well; from how long you like to be in the shower to how deep you like your bath. These devices link up with your chosen smart home system, making them easy to program and giving you the option of voice-activating your commands. 

Going to the toilet never felt so indulgent! From motion sensors that raise and lower the toilet lid to seat warmers and LED lights, your bathroom visits will be nothing short of a joy.

And smart bathroom technology works for the environment as well; smart taps reduce water use, turning off when the user’s hands move away from underneath and turning back on at the desired temperature. 

Smart showers and baths are an obvious place to start, but did you know just how smart they can be? LCD shower panels give you numerous control options, such as water flow, steam and music, and baths can be fitted with waterproof televisions (reducing the danger of dropping your phone in the bath mid-Netflix-binge).

Smart is getting a whole lot smarter; contact us to see how we can help you design your perfect smart bathroom space. 

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