Go Smart or Go Home

From communicating with your fridge while you’re at the supermarket, to having what resembles a chat with your microwave, technology has now turned your average appliances into super smart assistants. But how and what to include in your new ‘smart kitchen’ may be putting you off – there are so many appliances and devices on the market that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choice. Read on for some tips as to how to design your perfectly personalised smart kitchen. 

Firstly, think of the tasks you do that feel overly time-consuming or time-wasting. If you often get to the supermarket and realise you’ve forgotten to check how much milk you have left, then it could be that a scanner that allows you to add items to the shopping list as you throw away empties will assist with this. If you’d rather something all-singing all-dancing, then a smart fridge may be the option for you – some have built-in cameras allowing you to check the contents when you’re out and about, plus expiry date tags and alert functions, as well as allowing you to shop for groceries and search for recipes (and watch TV) on a built-in screen.

If that’s a little too smart for your tastes, perhaps something like a smart pan-stirrer that allows you to get on with other tasks while the gadget looks after your roux might be of use. Or a coffee maker that ensures your chosen brew is ready for you to drink when you get in after a long day working. You can even be sure of never under or over-cooking a meal again by using a smart induction burner and pan with imbedded sensors. 

And of course, there’s nothing to stop you choosing all of the above; you can never be too smart, right?

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