Smart People Get Smart Homes

We’ve all read articles about living in a home that really knows you – lights turning on as you pull up on the drive, the oven pre-heating before you get home, curtains closing and lights dimming when you open the Netflix app on your TV, but that isn’t all that smart technology has to offer. Smart security is what smart people get – read on to find out how this new technology can help keep you and your home safe. 

A smart security system pulls in one or more components that are linked together using a smart ‘hub’, connected to your home internet. The gadgets communicate with each other, controlled by automations or controls you set up on an app on your phone. They work together to provide a holistic system that is personal to your needs. 

Systems can range hugely in price, depending how many elements you involve, so it’s a good idea to chat with an expert to find out the best system components for your needs and budget. For example, a wireless camera might be an essential but perhaps you could live without a siren or door sensor. Another consideration to factor in is the ability to build on your system; if your budget will only stretch to a camera to begin with, you will still be able to purchase other components further down the line. Other bonuses are that some systems offer more than just security, with cameras that can be used as baby monitors and kits compatible with moisture sensors now on the market. 

Another bonus of a smart security system is the ability to monitor and control it when you’re away from home. You can check your app wherever you are, which gives you full control over each of your system’s components. This peace of mind is invaluable, and something that’s not available with traditional systems. 

At Kew Home, we have numerous options available and we can work with our design team to deliver the optimum solution for you. Get in touch to find out how!

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