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In the midst of a global pandemic, we are all spending much more time indoors, at home. DIY sales have risen, and continue to do so, as increasing numbers of people begin to tire of the four walls they have been staring at since March, and who can blame them?

If this describes you, maybe it’s time to call in the help of an interior designer – an expert who, following an in-depth consultation, will be able to take a look around the space in which you live and make suggestions as to how to achieve the vision you are craving, while working with the needs of your household.

Despite having numerous Pinterest boards dedicated to how you want your new space to look, you may not have the qualifications to undertake an interior overhaul. However much you love creating a vision for your home, a little guidance and inspiration is never a bad thing!

An expert interior designer will take your ideas and run with them, balancing your aesthetic desires alongside what you need from your space – do you want to squeeze in an office, or a reading nook? Or maybe you want a simple, white, clean-lined area in which to relax, with just a few splashes of colour?

From simple suggestions, such as moving furniture around, adding artwork and changing lighting or colours, to more drastic measures including replacing all the furniture, adding new flooring and creating a feature wall, an interior designer will consider how all elements work together and complement each other.

So, fill up those Pinterest boards and call upon an expert who will know how to work with your ideas and within your budget to create something functional, safe and special, future-proofing your home, while truly reflecting your personality and sense of style.

If you need an expert to help you perfectly design your space, give us a call!

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