Time To Be Timeless

Remember beaded curtains, avocado bathroom suites and woodchip wallpaper? We do! Certainly not a neutral, timeless aesthetic, they’re the bane of many people’s lives who can’t afford to replace them, or who had to strip entire homes of the horrors of the 90’s. One way to avoid the inconvenience of having to redecorate each room every year is to opt for a neutral, timeless design. Read on for some tips.

Mix It Up

Find a few styles you love and mix them up; for example, contemporary, clean lines work beautifully alongside the occasional period piece, perhaps with some turn-of-the-century art. This mix and match method results in a room that’s full of personality, fitting more than one style, effectively never going out of fashion.

Keep It Soft

Soft furnishings are an inexpensive way of adding expression and creativity to a room. Neutral walls and furniture can be lifted with a set of scatter cushions or a rug; easily and cheaply replaced if the urge arises.

Au Naturel

Everyone loved brown walls in the 70s… but many no longer do so. The lesson here is to keep the walls neutral and you won’t live to regret it. Neutrals are split into two tones: warm and cool. Warm hues include those with yellow-brown and orange undertones, while cool are bluish, grey, or green. Pick your style and use the hue to inspire features, such as soft furnishings and small accent pieces.


View your walls as a canvas to set off a focal point. Perhaps a piece of vintage furniture you love, or a stunning work of art. The neutral walls ensure that this carefully chosen piece will be centre stage at all times.

It’s All About The Mess

Or lack of it… declutter before you do anything else. It’s difficult to envisage the potential of a space if it’s cluttered with ornaments or stacked high with boxes.

And finally, don’t be afraid; despite with word ‘neutral décor’ often being synonymous with ‘boring’, it is far from this. A neutral canvas gives you the space to be creative and stamp your personality in a room. It’s time to be timeless.

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