Home Automation: A Little Bit Of Help

From switching on the kettle when you pull up in the drive, to opening the curtains, turning on the shower and playing your favorite ‘Wake Up’ playlist when it’s time to get going in the morning, home automation is the smart way to manage your home and lifestyle. But when you look at all the options, things can get a bit confusing.

Do you really need an automated toilet flush or a smart air freshener? A good place to start would be to consider which automation would make your life easier, ease day-to-day stress, save you precious time, or just make you smile. Read on to find out how to choose your ideal home automation system, and how it can work for you.

Imagine a typical day –consider the things you most frequently turn on and off, or open and close. These are the tasks that you may want to consider adding to a list of automations. Closing curtains and turning lights down low when you put the television on in the evening is a good example.

Switching the oven on to preheat when you’re on your way home from work is another. How about automating your sprinkler system when you go on holiday, so you don’t have to ask a neighbor to look after your plants, or investing in a smart thermostat that detects when you have left the house or are on your way back home, where a welcoming, toasty house will greet you?

Maybe you’re fed up with trying to switch lights on when you have your hands full after the school run or a grocery shop? If so, you could automate pattern of lights to switch on when they sense you pull up on the drive. The options are limitless.

At Kew Home, we have numerous options available and we can work with our design team to deliver the optimum solution for you! Get in touch to find out how. Whatever you opt for, make sure it either saves you time, saves you money, reduces your stress, or delights you. That way you definitely can’t go wrong!

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