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KEW Home lead the advance towards home automation. 

A smart future beckons for KEW Home…

KEW Home find themselves playing their part in one of the most exciting technical revolutions of recent times, one which could define the next twenty years, and the key word is ‘smart’. The drive towards automation in the home and in commercial premises, with remote systems controlling lighting, heating, audio visual products, blinds and numerous other appliances, continues to gather speed.

Providing such systems is something in which the company has become increasingly specialist and Howard’s team now offer inventive design solutions incorporating LED lighting and automated blinds which can be controlled from a central point.

The market for new automation technologies is expected to continue to grow significantly in the next few years.

Transforming the home

KEW Home Managing Director Howard Connolly thinks it will have a transforming effect. He said: “Lighting will have a central role in the development of integrated systems where people can operate almost anything in their home or business premises by pushing one button on their smart phone or tablet.

“Developing bespoke automated lighting and blinds systems in particular is an area that has grown very quickly for us for both residential and commercial clients.

“It involves providing people with simple control over the numerous lighting circuits employed and integrating them with other systems to create the right atmosphere. With numerous options available we can work with our design team to deliver the optimum solution.”

For Howard, with two decades behind him in an ever developing industry, the next 20 years promise to be every bit as exciting as the last 20. The future for KEW Home is most definitely bright.

Digital trends

How our home automation systems can transform your property…


Below: The property of the future is already here with KEW Home automation …

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